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You, Think,

There’s, Something, Off,

With, My, Hat

well. the whole ascii art of bill just got weird… parts of him shifted including his arms, making him look like he “glitched”. and his hat has changed again. it now reads, once deciphered:

"But the truth must still be revealed."

i guess its something similar to the crypto during the past updates where a second voice was “telling a story” kinda thing. overall i got shocked… hopefully the ascii art was intentional… the update was also a bit slow i guess, it was updated around 11 minutes after 3pm, the usual update time.

this is getting really fun… *evil smirk*


well after reading the tags again, realized that it was updated twice and that the first time there was a spelling mistake and that the ascii Bill messed up after the second update. well it made me excited for awhile thinking something big might happen haha :)

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